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Hunt - Fish - Trap

Male pheasant in a corn field

Hunting, fishing, and trapping are allowed in the Kickapoo Valley Reserve, except for a 300-foot buffer area around buildings. Please keep in mind that there are other users on the Reserve, such as hikers, bikers, and horseback riders.

The Kickapoo Valley Reserve follows all regulations and rules as indicated by state laws. Consult Wisconsin 
Department of Natural Resources publications for these regulations. Hunting, trapping, and fishing licenses are not available at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve visitor center.

The Kickapoo Valley Reserve does not require day/trail use permits for hunters, trappers, or anglers when partaking in these activities. Parking at Reserve canoe access points does require a $5/vehicle permit. Camping on the Reserve requires the purchase of a camping permit.

Popular Activities include:


White-tailed deer: The Reserve is available for archery and gun seasons. Tree stands are allowed, provided they do not use screw pegs and are removed by the end of each day. The Reserve has relatively low pressure for archery season but has extensive use for rifle season, especially opening weekend.

Turkey: Turkey populations are very abundant on the Reserve. The Reserve is open for spring and fall seasons.

Pheasant: The Kickapoo Valley Reserve is a pheasant release site. Birds are released near open areas throughout the entire Reserve. Since DNR regulations from 2014, Pheasant tags are not required on the KVR. Consult Wisconsin DNR 2014 Small Game Hunting Regulations for details.

Small Game: The Reserve contains numerous small game opportunities.


The Reserve offers trapping opportunities for muskrat, beaver, and other mammals.


Trout fishing in Weister, Warner, and Billings Creeks has become more popular due to stream restoration efforts and improvement in water quality. The Kickapoo River is also known to have its share of anglers. Please consult Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources guidebooks for regulations.


Kickapoo Valley Reserve | S3661 State Highway 131 | La Farge, Wisconsin 54639 
Phone: 608-625-2960 | FAX: 608-625-2962

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