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Yellow-rumped Warbler -
(Dendroica coronata)



  • Small songbird
  • Breeding male grey above
         with black streaks
  • Bright yellow rump, yellow patches
         on top of head and on sides
         in front of wing
  • Two white wingbars
  • White throat, white underside with
         streaked sides
  • Female similar to male but much duller,
         more brown
  • 5-6" (13-15 cm.)


  • Breeds in coniferous and mixed forests,
         mostly north of the Reserve
  • Uses many forest and shrub habitats
         during migration

Additional Information

  • Abundant migrant
  • Often the earliest returning wood warbler in Spring (early or mid-April)
  • Eats insects, but will eat fruits during 
  • Often gives loud "chek" call while foraging
  • KVR migratory species

Yellow-rumped Warbler view from the back

Female Yellow-rumped viewed from the side 


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