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Yellow-bellied Sapsucker -
(Sphyrapicus varius)



  • Medium-sized woodpecker
  • Black and white on back, lighter below
  • Wings dark with large white patch
  • Varying yellowish color on breast
         and upper belly
  • Thick black eyeline with white stripe
         above and below
  • Male has red crown and throat
  • Female lacks red on throat
  • 8.5" (22 cm.)


  • Deciduous and mixed forests

Additional Information

  • Fairly common migrant and summer resident
  • Occasionally found in winter
  • Tapping has a rhythmic rat-a-tat sound
  • Gives a cat-like call
  • Creates small shallow horizontal rows
         of holes in trees for "sap wells",
         which are used by other species,
         including hummingbirds

Comparable Species

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker standing on a rock

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker on pine tree next to sap wells 

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