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  Wood Duck - (Aix sponsa)



  • Medium-sized duck
  • Large head, long squared-off tail, small bill
  • Male has brightly colored breeding plumage
  • Crested dark head with bold white
       markings, red eye and red on beak
  • Body dark above, lighter below with dark
       brown chest
  • Vertical white and black marks on sides
       toward front
  • Female generally greyish with white area
       around eye
  • Male nonbreeding plumage dull with white
       head markings
  • 18.5" (47 cm.)  


  • Streams, ponds, and wetlands with nearby forests 

Additional Information

  • Common migrant and summer resident
  • Recovered from near extinction in the early 1900's
  • Nests in tree cavities up to a mile from water, if necessary


Female Wood Duck on pond

A colorful Male wood duck on a pond

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