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White-winged Crossbill -
(Loxia leucoptera)



  • Small songbird with crossed bill
  • Male reddish pink; greyish below with
         dusky streaks; wings with two bold
         white bars
  • Notched black tail
  • Female mottled dull olive green or
         yellowish with dusky streaks
  • Dark wings with wingbars
  • 6-7" (15-17 cm.)


  • Conifer swamp, spruce and tamarack stands

Additional Information

  • Uncommon migrant, rare winter resident
  • Eats seeds from cones
  • Local populations vary based on cone
  • Breeds at various times of year,
         including winter
  • Only occasionally found on the Reserve

Comparable Species

Female white-winged crossbill sitting at top of spruce tree

Male White-winged Crossbill on top of snow covered spruce 


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