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Vesper Sparrow -
(Pooecetes gramineus)



  • Small songbird
  • Greyish brown streaked back
  • Light below, streaked chest and sides
  • Small reddish patch on shoulder
  • White around eye
  • White outer tail feathers
  • 6.25" (16 cm.)


  • Dry, open areas with relatively short, sparse vegeation - pastures, burned grasslands, cropland, old fields

Additional Information

  • Fairly common summer resident in
         some regions
  • Wisconsin species of special concern
  • Population in decline
  • Early migrant; arrives early April
  • Typically sings in the evening
  • KVR breeding bird, more likely to occur
         in heavily grazed pastures on
         neighboring farms, or in bare fields

Comparable Species

  • Song Sparrow

Vesper Sparrow singing on a post 


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