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Tennessee Warbler -
(Vermivora peregrina)



  • Small songbird
  • Greenish above, white below, short tail
  • Male has grey crown, white eyebrow,
         dark eyeline
  • Female and fall birds more tinged with
         yellow, but underparts are white
         beneath the tail
  • 4.75" (12 cm.)


  • A variety of forests and brushy habitats
         during migration
  • Mixed boreal conifer-hardwood forests
         in breeding season

Additional Information

  • Common migrant
  • Males sings loud, three-part staccato song
  • May be confused with Red-eyed or
         Warbling Vireos but has thinner bill
         and is more active
  • Forages for spruce budworm caterpillars
    in breeding season

Comparable Species

  • Orange-crowned Warbler

Tennessee Warbler on spruce tree

Tennessee Warbler sitting on dogwood 


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