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Sharp-shinned Hawk - (Accipiter striatus) 



  • Small, slim, fast bird of prey;
    short rounded wings, long tail, thin legs
  • Adults dark above, rusty-reddish barring
  • Looks much like Cooper's Hawk, but smaller
  • Female significantly larger than male
  • Juvenile brown above with brown streaking
  • 9-13" (24-34 cm.)


  • Forests
  • Urban areas with woods

Additional Information

  • Common migrant, uncommon winter
  • Nests most often in northern half of state
  • Eats birds
  • Often hunting at bird feeders in winter

Comparable Species

  • Cooper's Hawk 

Sharp-shinned Hawk from the back

Sharp-shinned Hawk taking flight from a bird feeder

Sharp-shinned Hawk on a branch, showing breast markings 


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