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Sedge Wren -
(Cistothorus platensis)



  • Small songbird
  • Brown above with short tail
  • Streaked crown and back
  • Lighter and plain below
  • Pale line above eye
  • 4-5" (10-12 cm.)


  • Marsh, sedge meadow
  • Grasslands, hayfields

Additional Information

  • Common migrant and summmer resident
  • Sings from top of grass stalk
  • Otherwise secretive, flies a short distance
         and then drops
  • Erratic nester -- may show up in an area
         one year and not the next
  • Habitat specialist --depends on grassland
  • Wisconsin species of special concern

Sedge Wren perched on wetland grasses

Sedge wren looking back over its shoulder 


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