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Savannah Sparrow -
(Passerculus sandwichensis)



  • Small songbird
  • Greyish brown above, light below with streaks
  • Short, slightly forked tail
  • Yellowish stripe over eye
  • White crown stripe
  • Sometimes has small dark central spot
  • 5.25-6" (10-15cm)


  • Open grassland and old fields

Additional Information

  • Common migrant and summer resident
  • Song a buzzy trill preceded by two
         or three "ticks"
  • Will often run rather than fly
  • Individuals are likely to return to areas
         where they hatched
  • KVR breeding bird

Comparable Species

  • Song Sparrow

Savannah Sparrow perched atop a shrub

Savannah Sparrow foraging on the ground 


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