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Philadelphia Vireo -
(Vireo philadelphicus)



  • Small songbird
  • Grey-olive above, greyish cap
  • Yellow below
  • Dark eyeline with dull light line above
  • 5.25" (13 cm.)


  • Early to mid-successional deciduous
         forest and edges
  • During migration, shrubby areas,
         second-growth forest, especially near

Additional Information

  • Rare to uncommon migrant
  • Nests in the boreal forest
  • A few nest records for northern Wisconsin
  • Winters in Central America

Comparable Species

  • Red-eyed Vireo (larger, similar song)
  • Warbling Vireo (lacks dark eyeline)
  • Tennessee Warbler (thinner bill, white
         undertail coverts)

Philadelphia Vireo in the brush 


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