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Peregrine Falcon -
(Falco peregrinus)



  • Large falcon
  • Adult dark on top, rusty wash below
  • Head black with black area extending
         below eye
  • Light throat, neck and up behind eye
  • Juvenile browner, with brown spotting below
  • 16-21" (51-61cm.)


  • Nests on cliffs or tall manmade structures
         in Wisconsin
  • Found near Great Lakes, inland lakes,
         and rivers

Additional Information

  • Uncommon migrant, locally fairly common
         summer resident
  • Wisconsin endangered species
  • Rarely seen on the Reserve
  • Nearest nest sites along Mississippi River,
         including the Dairyland Power Plant stack
         in Genoa, WI
  • Man made nest box on US Bank Building
         in La Crosse, Wisconsin

Comparable Species

  • American Kestrel

Perigrine Falcon hunting from a perch 


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