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Palm Warbler -
(Dendroica palmarum)



  • Small songbird
  • Streaked olive-brown back and upper parts
  • Varying white to yellow below, with streaks
  • Chestnut red crown
  • Bright yellow undertail
  • Flicks tail up and down
  • 5.5" (14 cm.)


  • For breeding, northern boreal forest
         bogs and fens
  • During migration, a variety of habitats,
         including forest edges, wooded
         roadsides, weedy fields

Additional Information

  • Common migrant
  • Found in flocks with other species
  • Ground feeder
  • Winters in southern US and Caribbean,
         where palm trees grow
  • KVR migratory species

Close up of a Palm Warbler

Palm Warbler on a branch 


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