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Northern Parula -
(Parula americana)



  • Small songbird--one of the smallest
         wood warblers
  • Grey-blue above, bright yellow throat
         and breast
  • White belly, short tail
  • Two prominent white wingbars,
         broken eye-ring
  • Male has dark and reddish bands
         across breast
  • Female and immatures duller and
         usually lack bands
  • 4.5" (11 cm.)


  • Mature lowland coniferous forests
  • Variety of forested areas during migration

Additional Information

  • Uncommon migrant
  • Song is a rapidly rising buzzy trill with an
         abrupt end
  • Tends to forage in the mid to upper canopy
  • Generally nests in the northern third of WI
  • Was found once on the Reserve in June

Northern Parula as seen from below

Close up of a Northern Parula


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