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Northern Bobwhite -
(Colinus virginianus)



  • Medium-sized quail
  • Short legs, short tail
  • Male has white throat and head stripe
  • Female yellow to tan throat
  • 9.75" (25 cm.)


  • Hedgerows, brushy edges,
  • Grassland for nesting

Additional Information

  • Uncommon permanent resident
  • State species of special concern; population
         decline since the 1980's
  • Spends most of its time on the ground
  • When flushed, flys off with a loud "whrrrr"
  • Winter groups = "coveys", which roost on 
    ground in a circle, heads out, tails in

Female Norther Bobwhite at sunset

Male Nothern Bbwhite in a grassland

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