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Hooded Merganser -
(Lophodytes cucullatus)



  • Small duck with striking plumage
  • Male head has large crest head
         black with white area that appears
         larger when crest is raised
         body dark above, brown below,
         white chest; black and white vertical
         stripes towards front
  • Female brownish, crest smaller and
         reddish brown
  • 18" (46 cm.)


  • Wetland, wooded streams 

Additional Information

  • Migrant and possible nester in Kickapoo
  • More common breeder in northern half of the state
  • Nests in tree cavities, sometimes uses
    Wood Duck nest boxes
  • Dives for prey

Male Hooded Merganser on the pond

Female Hooded Merganser standing on a nest box

Female Hooded Merganser with chicks 

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