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Henslow's Sparrow  -
(Ammodramus henslowii)



  • Small drab sparrow
  • Brown, streaked upper parts
  • Large, olive-colored, striped, flat head
  • Short tail
  • Fine streaks on breast
  • 5" (13 cm.)


  • Old fields, open grasslands

Additional Information

  • Uncommon migrant and summer resident
  • Wisconsin threatened species
  • Population in decline
  • Secretive bird, hard to see, usually only
         heard quiet, two-noted song -- "se-lick'"
  • Low and jerky twist of tail during flight
  • Often will run rather than fly
  • Occasionally found on the Reserve in summer

Comparable Species

  • Grasshopper Sparrow

A singing Henslow's Sparrow

The henslow sparrow close up



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