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Great Blue Heron -
(Ardea herodias)



  • Large, blue-grey body, neck lighter,
         white head
  • Long legs, long beak
  • Adult has black head plumes
  • 46" (117 cm.)


  • Wetlands, rivers, streams, ponds
  • Nests in mature trees, sometimes in uplands

Additional Information

  • Fairly common migrant, summer resident
  • Wisconsin species of special concern
  • Nests in rookeries --colonies of heron nests
         high in trees
  • Rookery with about 25 nests present on 
         KVR until 1997, when a windstorm
         destroyed it
  • Stalks fish in shallow ponds

Comparable Species

  • Sandhill Crane
  • Egrets

Great Blue Heron wading among the wetland vegetation

Great Blue Heron among the grasses


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