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European Starling  -
(Sturnus vulgaris)



  • Medium-sized black bird
  • Iridescent feathers
  • Short tail
  • Stout yellow beak
  • Fall and winter plumage more speckled
  • 8.5" (22 cm.)


  • Farmsteads, cities, and commercial areas

Additional Information

  • Abundant resident
  • Aggressive introduced species
  • Cavity nester, which may compete for
         nest sites with bluebirds, woodpeckers,
         and others
  • May be present in large flocks where
         there is waste grain, frequents manure
    spreads in winter
  • Some found in open areas on the Reserve,
         especially in summer

European Starling in short grass showing iridescent colors

European Starling on a branch, looking from below 


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