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Eastern Meadowlark -
(Sturnella magna) 



  • Medium-sized songbird
  • Overall brown (streaked) color above
  • Bright yellow throat and belly
  • Large black "V" on breast
  • Streaked sides, large beak
  • White outer tail feathers, short tail
  • 7-10" (19-26 cm.)


  • Grasslands, farmlands, and roadsides

Additional Information

  • Common migrant and summer resident
  • Wisconsin species of special concern
  • Population declining for 35 years
  • Often low-lying nests are destroyed by
  • Male sings series of clear whistled notes
  • Call is a buzzy "dzrrt"
  • Nearly identical to Western Meadowlark; Best differentiated by song or call; western meadowlark is rare in KVR

Comparable Species

  • Western Meadowlark

Eastern Meadowlark singing

Eastern Meadowlark showing off its markings 


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