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Downy Woodpecker-
(Picoides pubescens)



  • Small woodpecker
  • Black above with white head stripes
         and white wing spots
  • Whitish below; white stripe on back
  • Black tail with white outer tail feathers,
         which have some black barring
  • Male has small red spot on back of head
  • Juvenile has red on forehead
  • Small bill
  • 6-7" (14-17 cm.)


  • Woods, residential areas

Additional Information

  • Abundant resident
  • Most common woodpecker in North
  • Very quiet during nesting season
  • Forages with other bird species in winter
  • Readily comes to bird feeders
  • Less shy of humans than many other birds

Comparable Species

Male Downy woodpecker on tree trunk

Female Downy Woodpecker on tree branch


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