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Dickcissel  - (Spiza americana) 



  • Small songbird, slightly larger than the
         smaller sparrows
  • Brown upperparts, yellowish line above eye
  • Male has white chin, yellow breast
         with black bib
  • Rust colored patch on wing
  • Female has yellowish breast, lacks black bib
  • 6-7" (15 cm)


  • Open weedy meadows, lightly grazed pastures, and prairies
  • Roadsides

Additional Information

  • Fairly common migrant
  • Number of summer residents varies
         widely from year to year
  • WI species of special concern
  • Winters in South America
  • Breeding populations are declining 
  • More common in extensive grasslands
         outside of the Reserve
  • Male sings "dick-dick-dick-cissel" 
         from perch atop tall weed or fence
  • Sings throughout the day

Dickcissel on top of a shrub 


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