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Cooper's Hawk - (Accipiter cooperii) 



  • Medium-sized bird of prey, similar to
         size of crow
  • Short wings, long tail
  • Adults dark above, rusty red below
  • Juvenile brown above with brown
         streaking below
  • Similar to Sharp-shinned Hawk but larger
  • End of tail generally more rounded
  • 15-20" (39-50 cm.)


  • Forests
  • Urban areas with woods

Additional Information

  • Uncommon migrant and winter resident,
         common summer resident
  • Population appears to be increasing
  • Fast and powerful, eats birds
  • Often hunts at bird feeders in winter
  • Found on Reserve in breeding season

Comparable Species

  • Sharp-shinned Hawk
  • Northern Goshawk

Cooper's Hawk perched in a tree 

Cooper's Hawk sitting on wood beam 

Juvenile Cooper's Hawk on a tree branch

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