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Common Grackle -
(Quiscalus quiscula)



  • Large blackbird, multi-colored
  • Iridescence
  • Long wedge-shaped tail
  • Oily sheen, looks bluish-purple or green
  • Yellow eyes
  • Female is slightly smaller, less iridescent,
         and shorter tail
  • 12.5" (32 cm.) 


  • Open areas, forest edges

Additional Information

  • Abundant migrant and summer resident
  • Opportunist birds--eat a wide variety of
         foods, including insects, seeds,
         small fish, eggs and nestlings
  • May nest in colonies or singly
  • Prefer conifers for nesting
  • Common bird in the KVR

Common Grackle high atop the spruce tree

Grackle on the ground showing iridescent colors 


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