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Bird Graphic 



Clay-colored Sparrow -
(Spizella pallida)



  • Small songbird
    Streaked brown above, clear
         pale underparts
  • Brown streaked crown with center 
         light stripe
  • Clear grey nape
  • Clearly outlined cheek patch
  • Notched tail
  • 5-5.5" (13-14 cm.)


  • Brushy open areas, thickets
  • Forest edges

Additional Information

  • Fairly common migrant, rare summer
         resident south
  • More common summer resident
         northern half of WI
  • Often found in young pine plantations
  • A few found on the Reserve in recent

Comparable Species

  • Chipping Sparrows
  • Field Sparrow

Close up of the Clay-colored Sparrow 


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