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Brown Thrasher -
(Toxostoma rufum) 



  • Medium-sized songbird with long tail,
         long dark bill
  • Rusty brown above with light wingbars
  • White below with dark streaks
  • Yellow eyes
  • 11.5" (29 cm.)


  • Shrubby uplands, forest edges,
         brushy oldfields

Additional Information

  • Common migrant and summer resident
  • Sings a series of melodious notes,
         often in pairs
  • Mimics other birds' songs
  • Call note is an emphatic "tsuck"
  • Spends time on the ground foraging
  • Nests are usually low in trees or shrubs
  • Fairly common on the KVR in summer

Brown Thrasher on a tree branch

Brown Thrasher showing long tail 


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