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Blue-winged Teal -
(Anas discors) 



  • Small duck, swift flyer
  • Male brown speckled body with
         white patch near tail; grey head with
    white crescent with striking white
         crescent between eye and bill
  • Female mottled brown, dark bill
  • Both sexes have blue forewing patch
  • Mature and nonbreeding males -
    brownish, dull colored
  • 15.5 inches (39 cm)


  • Lakes, ponds, wetlands

Additional Information

  • Common migrant
  • Uncommon summer resident in most of
          Driftless Area
  • Often rests or preens on logs near water
  • Females make nest in open upland vegetation
  • Winters farther south than most other ducks -
         from the Gulf Coast to northern
         South America

A pari of Blue-winged Teals

Blue-winged teal showing colors on wing

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