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Blue Jay - (Cyanocitta cristata) 



  • Medium-sized, crested songbird
  • Various shades of blue above, with black
         barring on wings and tail
  • Whitish below
  • Some black on head near eyes, black
  • White patches on wings, white at end of tail
  • Stout black bill
  • 11" (28 cm.)


  • Deciduous and mixed forests,
  • Residential areas

Additional Information

  • Abundant migrant, common summer and
         winter resident, often gregarious
  • In winter, some jays migrate south from
         northern areas
  • Gives strident "jay" call, along with many
         other calls, including imitations of other
         birds' calls
  • Becomes quiet and secretive during
         nesting season
  • May be aggressive toward other birds
  • Provides alarm calls when avian or
         mammalian predators are in area

Blue Jay with Oak leaves in the background

Close up photo of a Blue Jay 


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