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Black-throated Green Warbler -
(Dendroica virens)



  • Small songbird
  • Male has bright yellow face
  • Black throat and sides of breast
  • Olive-green back and head
  • White wingbars, white undertail
  • Female and immatures similar, but less black on throat
  • 5.0" (13 cm.)


  • Extensive mature, mixed coniferous-deciduous forests

Additional Information

  • Fairly common migrant, rare summer resident south
  • Most breed in northern forests
  • Singing males have been found on the Reserve in summer
  • Male often sings from high, exposed perch
  • Song often heard on migration is "zee-zee-zee-zoo-zee"

Comparable Species

  • Pine Warbler (females)
  • Immature Blackburnian

Close up of a black-throated green warbler 


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