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Blackpoll Warbler -
(Dendroica striata)



  • Small songbird
  • Spring male has solid black cap with contrasting white cheeks
  • Grey back, streaked with black
  • White underparts with black streaks on flanks
  • Two white wingbars
  • Yellowish feet and legs
  • Female much duller, more greenish grey, streaked back
  • White below with streaks on sides
  • Fall colors very dull--olive green on back, lighter below, and faintly streaked sides
  • 5-5.5" (14 cm.)


  • On migration, a wide variety of forested and shrubby areas
  • Breeds in boreal spruce-fir forests, mostly north of Wisconsin

Additional Information

  • Fairly common migrant
  • Found in high tree tops
  • Fall migration route is non-stop over open water from NE US for up to 2000 miles, for up to 88 hours (Cornell)
  • Breeds in Northern Canada and Alaska
  • Winters in northern South America

Blackpoll Warbler sitting on maple branches


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