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Belted Kingfisher - (Ceryle alcyon) 



  • Medium-sized with large crested
         grey head and large beak
  • Grey back, white neck and belly
  • Male has grey stripe across lower neck
  • Female has additional reddish brown
         stripe below grey stripe
  • 13" (33 cm.)


  • Streams, ponds
  • Riverbanks or sand banks for nesting

Additional Information

  • Fairly common migrant and summer
  • Uncommon winter resident
         (found near open water)
  • Gives a loud rattle call while flying
  • Nests in a burrow in river bank,
         near a road cut or quarry

Female Belted Kingfisher on a branch

Male Belted Kingfisher on branch

Female Kingfisher in nest cavity 

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