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Bald Eagle -
(Haliaeetus leucocephalus)



  • Very large raptor
  • Adult unmistakable with dark body, white
         head and tail, yellow bill and feet
  • Immature eagles are dark with variable
         lighter mottling, depending on age
  • 28-38" (71-96 cm.)


  • Breeding season - large trees near a
        stream or body of water
  • Winter-open water for fishing, also upland
         areas to forage for carrion

Additional Information

  • National Bird
  • Year-round WI resident and migrant
  • Takes about five years to mature ("bald")
  • Populations have recovered in SW
         Wisconsin since 1960's

Comparable Species

  • Immature Bald Eagles similar to Golden

Bald Eagle standing in shallow stream catching a fish

Bald Eagle on a branch 

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