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American Woodcock -
(Scolopax minor)



  • Medium-sized stocky shorebird
  • Brown above, light reddish brown below
  • Dark bars across top of head
  • Very long bill
  • Eyes situated near top of head
  • 11" (28 cm.)


  • Forest openings or edges
  • Open areas near woods for
         courtship display and flight

Additional Information

  • Fairly common migrant and
         summer resident
  • Game species in Wisconsin
  • Secretive
  • Most noticeable doing its courtship
         flight in evenings in spring; male
         does "peent" call on the ground,
         flies up in a wide circle with twittering
         wings, then descends to same spot to
         repeat calls

Comparable Species

  • Wilson's Snipe
  • Nighthawks make a similar sound

American Woodcock laying low among the vegetation

American Woodcock on the pavement 


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