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KRMB & Committee Appointments

KRMB (KRMB) is currently accepting nominations for the local seat on the Kickapoo Reserve Management Board. 
Nomination to KRMB:
Local residents interested in filling an upcoming vacancy on the Kickapoo Reserve Management Board (KRMB) are encouraged to submit a Cover Letter and Resume to their local nominating entity. Per Wisconsin State Statute, 15.445(2)b1.,  the Towns of Stark/Whitestown, Villages of Ontario/La Farge and School Boards of La Farge and Norwalk-Ontario-Wilton are eligible to nominate to the KRMB for this vacancy. Contact the Clerk or Superintendent for details on meeting attendance or submitting a request for recommendation to the Governor. Additional information can be found on the KVR website or by contacting Marcy West, Executive Director at – or – 608-625-2960.

The 11-member governor-appointed Kickapoo Reserve Management Board (KRMB) consists of local citizens with various backgrounds and experience. Board members serve a three-year term. 

All interested nominees should familiarize themselves with the statutory procedures and board powers listed in 15.445 and 41.41 Wis. State Stat. and/or review the KRMB Nominating Procedure Summary.

KRMB committees are open for citizen involvement and input. These consists of three to four board members, one KVR staff member, and several interested individuals. Each committee meets bi-monthly to discuss current issues, goals, projects, and policy recommendations to the KRMB.

If you would like to receive a KRMB or committee meeting agenda or more information, please contact the KVR office or email









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