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KRMB & Committee Appointments

The 11 Member Governor Appointed Kickapoo Reserve Management Board (KRMB) consists of local citizens with various backgrounds and experience. Board members serve a 3 year term. 

All interested nominees should familiarize themselves with the statutory procedures and board powers listed in 15.445 and 41.41 Wis. State Stat. and/or review the KRMB Nominating Procedure Summary.

KRMB Committees are open for citizen involvement and input. These consists of 3-4 board members, one KVR staff, and several interested individuals. Each committee meets bi-monthly to discuss current issues, goals, and projects, and provide policy recommendations to the KRMB.

If you would like to receive a KRMB or committee meeting agenda or more information, please contact the KVR office or email 









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